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64mm / 90a - FLAT PACK White Lightning V.2 - Twincam ILQ9S Plus Bearings - Mason Jar

$180.00 Sold Out

• 8 Wheels
• ILQ9s Plus Bearings included / installed
• Plastic Moonshine Mason Jar

Our second iteration of the White Lightning wheel shares the same highly regarded formula as our V.1 wheel but with the addition of the strongest core to ever be featured in an aggressive inline wheel. This CNC precision machined solid aluminum core allows for a faster ride than a traditional plastic core wheel. These wheels have been specifically developed, made, and strenuously tested for street skating.

Installing bearings in any aluminum core wheel is no easy task and because of that we wanted to make its easier for our clients by preinstalling bearings in every sets of wheels sold on our site. We knew for a wheel of this caliber they couldn’t be just any generic no name industrial machinery bearing which is why we opted to go with the Twincam ILQ-9S Plus, a bearing specifically designed for inline skating.

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